Manifolds with trivial canonical bundle:automorphisms and quotients

Viernes 14 de Mayo. Vía ZOOM UFRO. 11:00 Hrs.

Conferencista: Alice Garbagnati. Università degli Studi di Milano, Italia.


The manifolds with trivial canonical bundle are quite different with respect to theothers and they are essentially of three different types (tori, Calabi-Yau and hyperkahlermanifolds). Even if they are projective they do not admit a canonical projective model,hence in order to study their geometry one can not restrict to a specific projective model.Due to this (and other) peculiarity some specific techniques are used to analyze thesemanifolds. We first describe general results and constructions and we observe that thereare strong relations between different kinds of manifolds with trivial canonical bundle, inparticular related with the quotients by certain automorphisms. Then we consider thespecial case of hyperkahler 4-folds and of their automorphisms and we describe some oftheir quotients.