Algebraic curves with automorphism groups of large prime order

Viernes 11 de diciembre. Auditorio Prof. Manuel López Ramírez. de Matemática y Estadística UFRO. 15:30 Hrs.

Conferencista: Pietro Speziali, Universidade de Sao Paulo - Brasil


Let X be a (projective, algebraic, non-singular, absolutely irreducible) curve of genus g defined over an algebraically closed field K of characteristic p greater than or equal to 0, and let q be a prime dividing the cardinality of the automorphism group Aut(X) of X. We say that X is a q-curve. In his seminal work (1980) Homma proved that either q is less than or equal to g+1 or q = 2g+1, and classified (2g+1)-curves up to birational equivalence. In this talk, (based on a joint work with Nazar Arakelian) we give the analogous classification for (g + 1)-curves, including a characterization of hyperelliptic (g + 1)-curves. Then, we provide the characterization of the full automorphism groups of q-curves for q = 2g + 1, g + 1 in any characteristic. Here, we make use of two different techniques: the former case is handled via a result by Vdovin bounding the size of abelian subgroups of finite simple groups, the second case is solved via the classification by Giulietti and Korchmros of automorphism groups of curves of even genus. Finally, we give some partial results on the classification of q-curves for q = g; g - 1. Our talk will also highlight the challenges of studying automorphism groups of algebraic curves in positive characteristic.