Extremal Riemann surfaces and their properties

Viernes 25 de Junio. Vía ZOOM UFRO. 11:00 Hrs.

Conferencista: Ewa Kozłowska-Walania. University of Gdansk, Gdansk, Polonia.


A closed Riemann surface of genusg≥2 shall be calledextremalif it admits themaximal possible number of non-conjugate symmetries or if it admits the maximal numberof ovals for a set of non-conjugate symmetries with fixed points. These cases are to becalled s-extremal and o-extremal respectively. We shall present a variety of recent resultsconcerning such surfaces, in particular we show the structure of the automorphism groupin both s-and o-extremal case and find all the possible topological types of commutingsymmetries together with their defining equations in an o-extremal configuration. Specialattention shall be paid to the surfaces of even genera and in particular the so-calledbutton-likesurfaces, being unique both s-and o-extremal surfaces of genusg= 4k, k≥1 with anon-abelian automorphism group