Introduction to Complex Abelian Varieties

Juan Carlos Naranjo
Dept Matemàtiques i Informàtica
Universitat de Barcelona (España)
This short course is intended to give the basic notions of complex tori and abelian varieties and their interplay with the theory of algebraic smooth curves. The main topics are:

Part 1. Complex tori and complex abelian varieties (see, [2, 3, 5, 8]).

  • Definitions and examples. Homomorphisms. Torsion points.
  • Singular (co)homology and Hodge decomposition.
  • Picard group. Appell-Humbert Theorem.
  • Dual torus. Theorem of the square.
  • Non-degenerate line bundles, ample line bundles and polarizations.

Part 2. Jacobians (see, [1]).

  • Albanese and Picard varieties of a complex projective smooth manifold.
  • Jacobians of curves. Abel-Jacobi map.
  • Theta divisor of the Jacobian of a curve. Riemann’s parametrization Theorem and Riemann’s singularity Theorem.
  • Moduli space of abelian varieties. Torelli map and Torelli Theorem.
  • Differential of the Torelli map. Babbage-Enriques-Petri Theorem.
  • Isogenies of Jacobians.

The preliminaries for this course are (see, [4, 6, 7]):

  • Basic notions of Algebraic Geometry. Sheaves and cohomology. Divisors and Picard group.
  • Hodge theory of compact Kähler manifolds (mainly Hodge decomposition).
  • Riemann-Roch theorem for algebraic curves. Canonical map.
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