There are no official hotels for the school/workshop. Participants are kindly asked to book their own accommodation.

Pucón has a wide range of hotels and hostels. Some of them are the following: hotels and hostelss. You can also find a huge list of hotels and hostels(=hostal) in


How to reach Pucón

The city of Pucón is situated in the southern part of Chile, about 109 km from Temuco, 25 km from Villarrica and 780 km from Santiago.  It can be reached: 

- By plane and bus: Santiago-Temuco-Pucón

Daily flights from Santiago to Temuco, flight time 1,2 hours. Tickets can be found at either or Once you reach TEMUCO you can take Buses to Pucón (110 Km), in Terminal JAC. The duration of the trip by bus is 1 1/2 hours and tickets can be found at the bus station. Otherwise request a transfer.

- By bus: Santiago-Pucón

Daily departures, usually at night. They are taken at the bus terminal in Santiago, and travel overnight arriving in Pucón at approximately 7:00 in the morning. Tickets can be found at the bus station. 

- By car: Santiago-Pucón

From the city of Santiago travel 673 km south on Panamericana highway. You will pass through the city of Temuco and 28 km further south you will arrive at the city of Freire. Follow for the city of Villarrica and after bordering the lake of the same name for 26 km, you will reach the city of Pucón.


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