The main lectures in the workshop will be complemented by talks by young mathematicians working in different subjects of Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry.

Confirmed Speakers:

Name  Talk Title  Affiliation Abstract
Abreu, Kelyane   Universidade Federal Fluminense (Brasil)   
Atarihuana, Yasmina   Universidad de La Frontera (Chile)   
Basmajian, Ara   Graduate Center and Hunter College, CUNY (USA)  
Boissière, Samuel Involutions on the Hilbert square of a K3 surface Université de Poitiers (France) Abstract
Castorena, Abel Some results on linear stability and stability of syzygy bundles  UNAM (Mexico) Abstract
Costa, Antonio F. Topologically singular points in the moduli space of Riemann surfaces  UNED (Spain) Abstract
García, Juan Carlos   Universidad de La Frontera (Chile)  
García-Zamora, Alexis On the Humbert-Edge curves  Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas (Mexico) Abstract
Gasparim, Elizabeth   Universidad Católica del Norte (Chile)  
Girondo, Ernesto   Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain)  
Gómez-Mont, Xavier   CIMAT (Mexico)  
González-Aguilera, Víctor On the mathematical work of Professor Herbert Lange Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (Chile)  
Griffiths, Phillip   Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton (USA)  
Izquierdo, Milagros Riemann Surfaces, Dessins d’Enfants, Graphs and Configurations  Linköping University (Sweden) Abstract
Kani, Ernst Subcovers of curves and moduli spaces Queen's University (Canada)  
Laface, Antonio On Mori chamber and stable base locus decompositions Universidad de Concepción (Chile) Abstract 
Lange, Herbert  Etale double covers of cyclic p-gonal covers  Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany) Abstract
Muñoz-Porras, José María   Universidad de Salamanca (Spain)  
Naranjo, Juan Carlos Hyperelliptic Jacobian and Isogenies  Universitat de Barcelona (Spain) Abstract
Pauly, Christian The Prym-Hitchin connection  Université de Nice (Francia) Abstract 
Pirola, Gian Pietro The number of odd ramification maps of degree 2g+1 on a general curve of genus g  University of Pavia (Italy) Abstract 
Plaza, Francisco  Algebraic Curves, Adeles and Weil Reciprocity Law Universidad de Salamanca (Spain) Abstract
Reyes, Cristian Extremal k-packings in compact non-orientable surfaces  Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) Abstract 
Sarti, Alessandra On non-symplectic automorphisms of K3 surfaces  Université de Poitiers (France) Abstract 
Torres, Fernando On covering of curves and non-Weierstrass semigroups  Universidad de Campinas ( Brasil) Abstract 
Ugaglia, Luca  Del Pezzo elliptic fibrations  Università degli studi di Palermo (Italy) Abstract


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